Grappa Riserva Refosco-Cabernet 50% (Distilleria Pagura)

Grappa Riserva Refosco-Cabernet 50% (Distilleria Pagura)

Alcoholic content:

50 % Vol.


Clear white


0, 7 litres

Pomace: a selection of Refosco and Cabernet grapes from the Grave area in Friuli Venezia Giulia
Working method: young grappa stored in steel tanks
Product description: the best grappas are surely those obtained from the black pomace of Refosco and Cabernet grapes, fermented with their must for a significant period. The result is a distillate characterised by great harmony and completeness.
Tasting tips: serve at room temperature to appreciate the richness of the nose and mouth. This grappa has a strong personality, so it lends itself to bold combinations with food: as for desserts, it can be served with Gubana (a traditional cake from the Natisone river valley), hot chocolate, vanilla or chocolate ice cream.


April 25, 2015



Grappa Riserva Refosco