Maccone Rosso 17% (Angiuli Donato)

Maccone Rosso 17% (Angiuli Donato)


The Rosso 17 Maccone Donato Angiuli is one of the most wine of Adelphia’s company. We are faced with a small, but historic Apulian reality that is gaining the success thanks to a unique philosophy and thanks the desire to focus on producing high quality products and personality, never dull, typical and equipped with a solid and clear character. The Rosso 17 Maccone is an example of that. In this line are include quality products for Donato Angiuli; are wines that are harvested by hand to ensure the integrity of the grapes when they arrive in the same cellar, these are wines that follow a process of vinification at controlled temperature and fermentation with indigenous yeasts that are already present on the grape bloom. After two years of aging in steel, Rosso 17 is put on the market six months after bottling. We are facing a perfect example of a meditation wine, the 17° of the name of this wine Donato Angiuli is precisely indicate the alcohol content of the product in question. An alcohol content that does not change the drinkability and smoothness of this primitive purity and palate opens with a nice hint of cherry, black cherry and continues with notes of licorice and pink pepper.

Colour Impenetrable purple-red

Scent Fruit notes of cherry, black cherry and peach with a finish of licorice and pink pepper

Taste Impressive, well-structured, powerful and with solid tannins

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